Imposter syndrome

Do you ever feel that you are not qualified enough or feel anxious even when performing competently? Well, meet imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is doubting your skills and having internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. Many people experience this in their professional lives and some even in their personal lives. Ironically, these people are usually performing the best at their positions. You actually belong in that position and deserve that promotion. Below are practices to minimize this feeling.

Practice being seen

One way to manage this feeling is by practicing being seen. This way you will be aware of your competence and feel more comfortable.

  • Don’t skip the meetings. Meetings are not about the subject itself but rather about being seen. You practice being around your peers and superiors. And while you’re there, you might as well showcase your talents. In order to be seen be considered for another opportunity.
  • Let’s consider you applied for a position and you get the job. By this time others already consider you worthy enough for that position. So why would you make up doom scenarios and hold yourself back?
  • If you have a goal or want to reach something, talk about it. Only when you speak up, others will know that you want to go in a certain direction. As a result, more people will consider you when executive decisions are being made.

Front-row tickets

When you are somewhere, let’s say a meeting or a conference. And there are seats available at the front. Take those front-row seats. Firstly, because you deserve those seats as much as anyone else. Secondly, you can focus more on the subject at hand or the speaker. Lastly, you are able to meet interesting people you might have not talked to otherwise. So be bold, take that front-row seat, and start a conversation with your neighbor.

Add fuel to the fire

For those who have experienced imposter syndrome, it might be difficult to eliminate this feeling altogether. But why not let it be fuel to gain more knowledge and skills? You are in that position for a reason and hopefully, you enjoy doing the work. So why not get even better at it?

Image: Unsplash, by Charlesdeluvio

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