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TED Talk

Dan Harris was an anchor in the news. After having a panic attack on air, he discovered the practice of meditation. For some people the concept of selflove and meditation might be viewed as ridiculous. But in this talk, Dan explains these concepts from a different point of view. Selflove when properly understood is not selfish. It makes you better at loving other people. He describes love as the ability to care. And it is difficult to care for others when you are stuck in a negative spiral of self-centered criticism. 

3 takeaways from this talk:

  • Selflove doesn’t have to be cheesy
  • Learn how to high-five your inner-demons
  • Love is the ability to care

On purpose podcast: La La Anthony

La La Anthony is an actress, producer, bestselling author and advocate for prison reform. In this inteview she shares a lot about her life. She explains how she handles a divorce and being a single mom. 

3 takeaways from this podcast:

  • Leading with grace and kindness
  • Let yourself receive love as much as you receive hate
  • Things are not always what they seem

Deep Dive with Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is the author of “Daily Stoic” amongst others. Where he shares his take on philosophies. I am currently reading that book and what I like is that it has one takeaway per day. This podcast feels more like a conversation than an interview.  

3 takeaways from this podcast:

  • Amateurs are obsessed with tools
  • Pick a system and stick with it
  • We spend the most time worrying about our work once it’s finished
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