This month's recommendation is the episode of the podcast of Jay Shetty with Lewis Hamilton. In this episode Lewis talks about being the first in many situations and redefining succes.

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Even the greatest of all time lose
The greatest people in sports have a different view of failure. They see it as a chance to improve their game.
The best gift your environment could give you
The people closest to you could make or break the quality of your life. Find out why in this post.
Keep putting in the hard work
Wake up call: the work (that is called life) is never done. We are constantly evolving and the sooner you realize that the better.
What is going to be your legacy?
The benefits of engaging in Sadaqah Jariyah which means ongoing charity.
How to give like a monk
How to help yourself by helping others. Find out why gratitude through service helps you get in a better mood.
Harsh Truth: Life goes on
When we experience trauma or loss, we crave a moment to ourselves. But after a while, you have to get it together and reach your full potential.
Peace: to be calm at heart
You can't give or receive anything when you are overworked. Find out ways to de-stress and prioritize your peace
It’s exhausting becoming your emotions
Why it takes a lot of energy to be consumed by emotions instead of noticing them.
The circle of influence, how to take action
Learn about the principles of the circles of Concern and Influence.
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