Six thinking hats: make better decisions

Having trouble deciding on something in your personal life? Or do you have a hard time agreeing on something within your team? Then this method is for you.

Other ways of decision making

When faced with an important decision to make, I usually weigh the pros against the cons. But is this really the right strategy to look at things you find important as positive and negative? There must be an alternative. Below only the context of decision-making regarding a team will be discussed.


The six thinking hats was created by Edward de Bono. He used this technique in his work advising government agencies. The idea of this method is that there is no right or wrong comment and when used in teams you can separate your own opinion from what is best for the company. Putting on a hat makes you less likely to be criticized within a team.

Meaning of the hats

How to use this method

Image: Unsplash, by Deji Akinyele

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