3 ways to improve health

First things first

Before you start on your health journey (again) really define for yourself what your definition of good health is. For some it is losing/gaining weight, for others it’s feeling strong/fit. When you have your definition in order, you need to start small. In atomic habits, the author describes that if you can improve by 1% every day it is better than going 0 to 100. Also, remember that there is no end destination when it comes to health (and happiness but we will get to that another day). Every day we have a decision. Sometimes it means treating ourselves to what we need and other days it means having the discipline to do what we need.

10.000 steps a day

Movement is always beneficial. Regularly we can get stuck in the day-to-day. Going from A to B you forget to look around you. So while it is good to move your body I also think it’s essential to take your steps outside in nature preferably. You get some fresh air and perhaps even get inspired because of all that you see around you. Funny fact: the 10.000 steps a day is invented by a Japanese firm that sold pedometers called Manpo-Kei. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many steps you take but that you enjoy your peace while you do it.

2L water

Another recommendation is to drink 1 liters of water a day. This has benefits for your organs, face and gives you an energy boost. For the people who hate drinking water because it tastes like nothing; you can make your own infused water by adding fruits. Otherwise, tea might help. Personally, it has helped me to buy a large bottle. Mine even contained motivational quotes that got me through the day.

Greet someone randomly on the streets

Okay I know this one sounds a little creepy but hear me out… When you are crossing a person on the sidewalk just greet them with a smile or a quick hello. Remember we don’t know what someone else is going through. This person might have heard the worst news of their life just minutes ago. So for them, it might make their day. Also when someone reacts positively about it and greets you back, it will improve your mood. Besides, it’s free so you don’t lose anything.

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