3 ways to see clearly

If you are a member of this community then you know this week is about seeing the steps ahead of you. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at all the steps and future setbacks that might be ahead. Good news, those moments haven’t even occurred yet. Instead, just focus on the step that’s right in front of you. Focus on what you can see and move from there. Here are 3 easy ways to help you better focus on the here and now.

Be present

In order to think clearly, you have to be present. Being present means (to me): being fully in the moment without thinking about what you’re having for dinner or regretting the outfit you chose. The key way I like to become more present is by guided meditation. You just sit on a chair or on the floor, let a voice guide you through your thoughts, and give you exercises focused on breath work. The purpose of meditation is not to stop thinking but rather to label your thoughts and come back to them when and if necessary. My current app for guided meditation is Headspace.

Take a walk

Throughout the week you drive/ cycle/ commute from A to B. It is hard to experience new things. On weekends I like to take a walk without a destination. Either in the city or in nature.

  • City
    Pros: you get to order coffee from your local barista and walk around, take random streets, and be a tourist in your own city.
    Cons: when it gets busy on the streets your mind gets cluttered.
  • Nature
    Pros: you really get to experience fresh air and peace & quiet.
    Cons: depending on where you live, being in nature might be far away.

My favorite spot is close to the sea because you can hear the waves and clear your mind.

Word vomit

Sometimes you are stuck on something and you just have to vent about it. Either to a friend or on paper. This is beneficial because you get all the words out and you might discover that it wasn’t that deep. You might feel better and be able to let the thoughts go. What I love about writing it down is that you can see all the clutter and focus on the things that really matter. Also, you get to read it later and see how much you have grown since then.

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