Embrace the full range of emotions

Listen to your body

Usually, when you feel a strong emotion it is because your body is telling you something. For example, when you feel really tired or sick, your body is requesting rest. Most people don’t fully listen to their bodies. But in the end, it will get what it wants, because in my opinion you won’t just get rid of an emotion or feeling until you deal with it.

Stress response cycle

Are you feeling stressed? Don’t wave it away by saying “It will be fine”. Think of the quote in our newsletter: Witness it, Allow it, Release it. Sisters Ameila and Emily Nagoski studied stress related to burnout. They found that not completing the stress response cycle has consequences on your stress levels and even your well-being. This is proof that your body is constantly telling you something and you need to deal with it or else it has consequences. But sometimes we don’t even notice that the stress response cycle has not ended yet. For example, someone you know (at work or in your private life) has made a harsh comment. Now consider you have had a conversation with that person and expressed your view on it. When we leave that situation we often think that the cycle is completed. However, we still could be feeling angry or hurt. If these situations happen continuously it leads to these repeated incomplete loops of stress build-up, making it hard to sleep and compromising our ability to manage the next event that might be a trigger. Article


Other times these emotions could be a mirror. Haemin Sunim wrote the book “The things you can only see when you slow down”. It contains a bundle of quotes full of wisdom. Some of the quotes are about your emotions or actions towards others being a mirror of yourself. For example, The flaw that you immediately notice in someone you meet is probably a flaw of yours, too. If you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t have noticed it so quickly.

Image: Unsplash, by Imleedh Ali

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