Feel all the feels, do it anyways

All the feels

Let’s start with, what do I mean by all the feels? All the emotions? Sometimes you get to a point where you dream about something but the execution is draining. Even though you would love to eventually have it (whatever your goal is). The process is making you nervous, scared, and tired. It can even be uninspiring at times.

But guess what… it doesn’t matter. You HAVE to keep up with your daily habits in order to get results and eventually reach that goal.


Not only do you have to do it anyways to get the results but it is also crucial for your well-being. I find that if I stick to a daily habit that I know is going to give me long-term results, I will feel better because I discipline myself. Moreover, I can anticipate that on the days when I don’t feel good, I can still push myself to get things done.

Easier said than done

You might think by now… well it is easier said than done. And you’re 100% right, it’s not easy to just do it anyway. How to do it anyway?

  • Arrange non-negotiables with yourself (ask someone that can hold you accountable)
  • Talk to someone about it. Some emotions are increasing when you keep them in your head.
  • Ask advice from someone that has experience with your situation

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