New environment, better ideas

Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need. Whether you need inspiration for a new product or you’re stuck on a project. Why not take a break or even learn a thing or two from another industry?

Take a break

When you feel stuck or need inspiration, you must take a break from your current industry. Einstein regularly took a break from physics. He ventured into realms of science like music, art, and mathematics. This way he could get new ideas and implement them in his own research.

Take a bath

Other times you have to completely do nothing. Just relax and “clear your mind”. Now a major disclaimer: clearing your mind doesn’t mean scrolling on your phone. Because if you scroll on an app on your phone, you’re still injecting your brain with new information. Archimedes took a bath and suddenly he had his eureka moment. He saw that the water moved upwards as he was sitting down. This eventually led to the law of Archimedes.


Have breakfast