Yes means saying no to all other options

Time is essential. I used to think that saying yes was easier than saying no. But actually, it needs to be the other way around, because yes leads to commitment. Practice saying no to something you don’t want to commit to.

No is more important than yes

The first thing I thought about was that the word no creates boundaries. But it goes even deeper than that. When you say yes, you end up saying no to all other options. This makes saying no even more important than saying yes. So next to no creating a boundary, you also get to evaluate what you find really important.

Career is not always most important

You might be inclined to say yes to all opportunities in your job. Especially at the start of your career. But when you say yes to a business opportunity, you say no to time with others. Ryan Holiday said it best on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast. He said; “Love is spelled T-I-M-E”. So quality time with your loved ones is essential. We sometimes forget that the quality of life is not only materialistic. Time is a valuable currency we have a limited amount of.

Image: Unsplash, by Lena Polishko

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